Chocolate Liquor?

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently, I bought 2 packs of Pepperidge Farm chocolate cookies. As I was savouring it, it dawned on me that  I had not checked the ingredients to see if it was permissible to eat. Lo and behold, I was surprised to see the ingredient “semi sweet chocolate (sugar chocolate liquor)…”.

Not knowing what it was, I assumed it was liquor per say. I had some doubts so I set out online with the help of Mr. Google to find out what it is.

What is chocolate liquor?

Many perceive this as a type of alcoholic drink. However, chocolate liquor, also known as cocoa liquor, is actually the liquid component obtained by the grinding of cocoa nibs from the cocoa bean. It converts cocoa powder and cocoa butter as end products. It is a primary ingredient in chocolate manufacture.

(Source: MUIS FAQs)

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TCM and Chronic headaches and Migraines

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

A helpful insight into why migraines/ headaches keep recurring. Disclaimer is necessary.

“Tian Ma” is known as a specific herb for dispelling the pathogenic wind in the body. According to Chinese physicians, dizines, chronic headache, migrane, convulsion and numbness in the wind are mainly resulting from pathogenic wind. Clinical applications involve the usage for the relief of vertigo, migraine, chronic headache and convulsion. It dissipates pathogenic wind, regulates liver function and suppresses spasm.

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Great Expectations

January 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

What are your expectations of yourselves?

How do you rate yourself? How do you see yourself?

These are the types of questions that one rarely asks themselves. I guess it’s difficult to make a judgement call of how you’ve met your expectations Or how much of a bad-ass you are at something. For instance, I can be telling myself that I’ve met all my expectations set by myself and others, just because that’s what I want to hear.

It goes back to the question of how DO you rate yourself? Do you bring your A-game all the time?

A conversation with my superior at work made me stop and give this idea a thought. Apparently, from other people’s perspective, I set high expectations of myself. If a task is given to me, I’ll mull it over and decide, “This is not going to work” or “This is too much” or something along those lines.

It appears as though, through my initial analysis of the said project, if I’m unable to produce a masterpiece, I will back away from whatever it is they dropped on my table. I have it somewhere in me that if I’m unable to produce a brilliant piece of work, it’s either not worth my effort or I’m not willing to have my name on it. I’d imagine someone asking, “Who did this piece of shit?” and all eyes are staring directly at me. I can’t have that on my conscience. That’s the flaw of being a perfectionist. I can’t just wing it or go with the flow.

I highly suspect that this behavior was imbedded way back in school, always thinking that I’m going to flunk an exam, always expecting the worst. And it’s dragged on to my adult life. I’ve never given myself any credit for all the effort that I’ve put in, irregardless of the score that’s on the page. In a perfect world, 100% effort equates to 100% output, but that just doesn’t translate in real life. Shit happens along the way to throw the equation off balance.

When trying or doing new things, people always say to just put in your best effort and try but what’s the point of trying if you know you’re going to make a mess out of it or producing only sub-standard results? I don’t want to be remembered by that piece of shoddy work.

I know I’m better than that.

Makeup Wishlist

December 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

For the last few months, I’ve been watching lots of makeup videos by the gurus on Youtube and it has rekindled my love for eyeshadows and makeup in general. I have compiled a list of items that I will be hunting down in 2011. Some of the colors may be repetitive or are similar but who cares!

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For sale!

January 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve got something new to sell.

Bought it on impulse. I’ve only tried it on with a newly purchased brush. Brand new with box.

Too Faced Duo Eyeshadow – Beauty Mark. $20

Mega Bites

November 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ve a new lunch hunt. My favourite place so far (until I find another one that can beat this)

(drum roll)

DFZ Padi Cafe located at China Square Central. (Don’t ask what DFZ stands for)

They offer a million and one types of sandwiches with different types of bread. You’ve got the panini (wholemeal), focaccia (soft and wonderful herbs), baguette, wrap, ciabbata and I think they might have 1 more but I can’t remember. Sandwiches start at around $5.50 but the majority of them $6.50.

Fillings range from tuna, chicken, beef, turkey ham to egg mayo and lots more.The interesting thing about the fillings are the mash up of flavours and ingredients. I wonder where they came up with it. It’s like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Always experimenting with flavours. They even have oven baked potatoes ($4.00) And what huge potatoes they are!

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To new beginnings

November 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve started my 2010  resolutions a tad bit early. I’ve never been one to follow or even make up resoutions. Hopefully, the next year will turn out better.

  1. Exercise
    The girls (Siti and my Pasir Ris kaki Jules) and I have signed up for Kickboxing. I’ve always wanted to try it out. I googled some clips of it on Youtube and heck.. we’ve got alot of work cut out for us.
    Kickboxing 101 – 1
    Kickboxing 101 – 2
  2. Jogging
    Apart from the kickboxing class, the aforementioned girls and I have started on jogging. Albeit, it’s only once, but that’s the spirit!
  3. Badminton
    Jules and I had a smashing had very tiring time becoming “World Champions”. We ned more homegrown talents.
  4. Swimming

So I think the new resolutions revolve around being healthy. I need to be. I need to be!